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Armando M., C-AA January 8, '17

Recertified in PALS

I had a great experience with Heartify. The courses are very helpful and the website access is user friendly. I would like to rate it as 5/5 and strongly recommend it to others.

Zach B., DO January 8, '17

Certified in PALS

My experience was great! It took me only 5 hours to go through the lectures and take the test. Five stars for sure

Lula B., RN January 5, '17

Recertified in ACLS and PALS

Exam was great. Covered all material. Easy - did it at home on my time. Will use it again

Carrie F., RN January 3, '17

Recertified in CPR

My experience with Heartify was great. I would give it a 5/5 star's for the simplicity and user friendliness of the program . Thank you for such a program available for nurses like myself who could use a program like this one.

Lonnie O., PA January 2, '17

Recertified in ACLS and PALS

I was very happy with the course and the ability to print off parts to keep in my pocket. I truly enjoyed the ability to take everything at my pace. I enjoyed being able to focus on the things that were my weakness and skim over the areas I am more comfortable. Excellent program and I feel like I actually retained more out of this than other recertification classes I have done in the past. I would definitely recommend this to anyone recertifying. I would give you 5 stars as a rating.

Trevor W., DO December 27, '17

Recertified in ACLS and BLS

Overall experience was excellent. The course was very educational and provided all necessary information needed to complete both exams.

Katie P., RN CEN EMT-P December 22, '17

Recertified in PALS

My experience was good. As a AHA BLS and ACLS instructor and have taken the AHA PALS course many times I felt you presented the material very well. PALS is a hard course due to the large amount of information that is presented. Your course does this well. My only concern is the acceptance of it by employers since it is not the AHA course. I rate the program 6 stars. Well done.

Theo B., MD December 19, '17

Recertified in ACLS

The course was excellent and a good learning experience, and subject matter is good. Including stroke in the ACLS is good addition. The online help was excellent and I will encourage other health care professional to use Heartify to take the ACLS course.

Calvin W., MD December 18, '17

Recertified in PALS

Very easy to navigate. Informative modes. Challenging test. Very good course. I've recommended it to my fellow paramedics at my company. Reasonable price. A very positive experience.

Carl L., NP December 8, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Great experience, all necessary information there, and 5/5 stars

Randall W., RN December 4, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I found Heartify to be excellent. The course material is well covered with the algorithms and didactic content. The test is actually more detailed than when I have attended in person. I found this to be well done. The site is easy to access and the ability to return where you leave off is excellent. Definitely a 5/5 experience. I am highly recommending to all my colleagues.

Minnie M., RN November 27, '17

Recertified in PALS and ACLS

I found the courses I took with your company to be challenging and fair. I was able to receive my PALS and ACLS in my home. The material was very informative to use. Would highly recommend this to busy Healthcare providers.

Randy A., NREMT-P November 20, '17

Recertified in PALS

Great - fit well into my schedule. Info provided was applicable and valuable.

Thelma., RN November 13, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Great course. Really glad to find you, Heartify! Five stars for sure!

Eric Lamb., MD November 12, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I thought Heartify was as good as an ACLS course can be. Information provided was enough and not too much. My experience was 5 stars.

Delia R., MD November 10, '17

Recertified in PALS

Very helpful bank of information on short notice and layout increased ease of reviewing the material

Michael H., MD November 8, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Great experience. Since this was the recertification, I didn’t need to learn the material, which was great because I really liked that I can just go to the exam section instead of having to go through the material.

Bobby H., CRNA November 8, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Overall I had a great experience with Heartify. The material was well organized and easy to read. The course provided me with all the material I needed to pass the exam with ease. I would and have highly recommended Heartify to other CRNA's.

Julia S., MD November 7, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Exam questions were appropriately tough, and the course material was exceptionally well put together.

Alan C., EMT-P November 6, '17

Recertified in BLS and ACLS

I had a great experience with your program. It was quick and easy to recertify both my BLS and ACLS through the program. The course work was more than adequate to pass the exams the first time I took them. I would definitely rate my overall experience as 5 stars!!!

Camille B., ARNP October 30, '17

Certified in ACLS

I enjoyed the experience working with Heartify and will use it again. The course itself was good and had all the information I needed.

Sonja G., CRNA October 11, '17

Recertified in BLS

I was very happy with the study course and exam it was a great learning tool. I rate it an excellent training.

Glen G., RN September 27, '17

Certified in ACLS

It was a great experience. Much better than spending 2 days in class. I feel the course provided me with necessary information to complete the test. I would rate it 5 stars. Referring 9 colleagues.

Sara R., MD October 3, '17

Certified in ACLS

Your material helped me update my ACLS status and saved time at the same time. Overall rate, I think, is about 4/5.

Jeanette L., RN September 25, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I liked the way you sectioned off the learning, it was organized and easy to follow. I was very happy to receive the 5% off at the check out and over all it saved the cost of travel to get my recert done. Thanks for basing the information on the AHA as I was afraid it may be different and not accepted. I will do it again this way in the future.

Jake B., DO September 25, '17

Recertified in ACLS

My experience was quite satisfactory. The material was presented in a succinct format and to the point. Exactly what I was looking for in a recertification course. 5/5 Stars!

Rosemarie Collins., RN September 29, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I thought the course was a bit tougher than previous live ACLS classes, but provided great information. It was easy to access and I'd overall give it a 5/5.

Nettie S., RN September 21, '17

Recertified in BLS

5 stars. The course covers all material well, easy to read, follow, understand and retain. I really liked the 'go at your own speed'. The problem I had with the classroom style is that if I had a question or didn't fully grasp a section, the instructor had to keep going. I needed the opportunity to go back and review. Will do the Heartify way again in 2 years!

Marc Salazar., NP September 12, '17

Recertified in ACLS

The experience was good. The material was informative and easy to understand and navigate!

Patti W., MD September 10, '17

Recertified in PALS

The PALS certification process was seamless. It was easy to sign up, the least expensive online certification I could find in a few minutes on Google, simple language and explanation of concepts, didn't have to sign in multiple times since it saved my results....overall wonderful experience and would give 5/5 stars.

Holly T., MD September 5, '17

Recertified in BLS

I just recertified my BLS using Heartify. It was an awesome course - you included things that I would not have thought of with CPR just as infection control. It had been so long since I took a BLS course that I carefully reviewed all the modules. A physician should never be afraid to learn something new. I will highly recommend your website to other people I know needing BLS/ACLS/PALS.

Bradford S., MD September 17, '17

Recertified in ACLS

As a Radiologist, my ACLS renewal is done mostly for hospital privileges. Your course is reasonably priced compared to previous online courses I have taken. The time spent reviewing was reasonable. Algorithms are helpful. A little refresher info on normal EKG including time of various intervals would be useful to people who do not view them all the time, like me. Overall, this was a perfect course for me, 5/5 stars.

Juana S., CRNA September 14, '17

Recertified in PALS

I had a great experience with Heartify. Yes, it did provide me with enough information to complete the test. I would rate it five stars.

Curtis P., MD August 28, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I think you have a well organized online course which concisely summarizes the necessary information needed to pass the test.

Rudy S., RN August 29, '17

Recertified in PALS

This course was great. Much more detailed than classroom experience. Online was wonderful since it was a last minute renewal. Course was spot on, passed test in first try.

Darnell W., RN August 22, '17

Recertified in PALS

The web site is super easy to use and the course was logically broken up. I feel like the course appropriately prepared me to take the exam, but I would require a refresher before practicing the material in person.

Gwen M., MD August 15, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Very helpful, easy to use and simple, and cheap too.

Josh F., MD August 9, '17

Recertified in ACLS

My experience was excellent. I would give it five stars. The majority of the questions were covered by the course material. There were a few that I needed to do an internet search for. I liked it so much that I immediately referred my wife for the course the same day.

Martha E., RN August 7, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I think it is a great program. I've been taking ACLS for 20 years & it was awesome to do it from home. 5/5 stars!

Michelle G, RN August 7, '17

Certified in BLS

I had a great experience with Heartify. Material is exactly what I was expecting. And I would rate my experience with Heartify 5/5 stars.

Viola R., MD July 26, '17

Recertified in PALS and ACLS

My experience was excellent. I like that the material was written (instead of a video). I often have to multi-task and it was easier to get through it this way.

Tiffany L., RN July, 26 '17

Recertified in BLS

My experience was excellent. I have recertified many, many times in the past so I just paid my money, logged in and took the test. I did not use any other resources that were available. So for me it was fast, easy, and just what I needed in a time crunch.

Ronnie C., MD July 24, '17

Recertified in BLS

It was an easy process and the way the review materials are outlined, a provider can navigate through the material quickly and spend additional time in areas needing more review. I completed the course actually feeling more confident than in past refresher courses both online and in classroom as I was able to learn and review at my own pace which is very valuable.

Kendra N., DDS, FACD, FICD July 26, '17

Recertified in ACLS

All was good and an overall good review.

Abel L., PA-C July 24, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Great experience. I learned more through your self directed learning than I ever learned in the classroom. 5/5 stars.

Dora R., DDS July 19, '17

Recertified in BLS

The course is thorough, and efficient. It preserves the integrity of a re-certification course, in a framework that is both effective and convenient. I'll be back for my ACLS re-cert, as well!

Duane Newton., DDS July 18, '17

Recertified in PALS and ACLS

My experience was great, very easy to use, no delays, very straight forward. No need to go anywhere. Very convenient. I think this course covers every detail you need to understand and feel confident with your ACLS certification.

Steven M, RN July 13, '17

Recertified in PALS

My experience with Heartify was that it was easy to use. The flow made sense and was easy to follow. The course provided me with all the necessary information to complete the exam. I did need to review a few course sections to pass the test. I would rate my experience 5/5

Gene R., RN July 11, '17

Certified in ACLS

Overall it was a great experience. Easy to navigate through, easy to understand. The material was perfect and I felt I was well prepared for the exam. I feel like I learned more from this online course than I ever did from the live course.

Max R. MD FACS June 30, '17

Certified in ACLS

Perfect course for efficient cert and recert. Way to go guys. I'm telling everyone about this.

Lorena C., PA June 26, '17

Recertified in PALS

I had a great experience recertifying with Heartify and would absolutely recommend it to all my friends and coworkers. The information you provided was extremely helpful and comprehensive, and I felt very confident with its quality. I would definitely rate you all 5/5 stars.

Joanne W., MD June 25, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I especially enjoyed the separate section devoted only to the changes made by AHA in 2015. It's a great tool for staying up to date.

Claire T. RN June 29, '17

Recertified in ACLS and CPR

My experience was positive. The site was easy to navigate. The content was relevant and concise.

Maurice H., MD June 18, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Your program has been a pleasant experience. It's fast and efficient. For busy professionals like physicians, it's a wonderful attribute. I love your website so much that I'm spreading the news to my colleagues.

Vickie D., MD June 14, '17

Recertified in ACLS

The course was excellent! It was more detail oriented than many in-person courses.

Casey W., MD June 12, '17

Recertified in BLS and ACLS

I don't have much time to spare and being able to complete this online was the best. The courses were very thorough. They highlighted all the important concept in the most concise form. It definitely was a great experience. It was very efficient for me to use. I would give it a 5/5 as far as ease of use, relevance, and quality.

Salvador M., RN June 1, '17

Recertified in BLS

I was skeptical about doing this, but I waited too long and ran out of time to actually go somewhere to recertify so I went ahead and did this. I was very surprised at how thorough it was, very similar to the hospital's recertification program, it was very efficient and I got a print out of my card right away and certificate and CEU's with it. Thanks so much, I would definitely give five stars and I will be doing all my recertifications through you from now on!! Thanks so much.

Julie H., CRNA, MS, APRN June 1, '17

Recertified in PALS and ACLS

I really loved it thought it was interesting, fun, and easy. It was a thousand times better than taking a class somewhere.

Casey W., MD May 24, '17

Recertified in PALS

My experience was great. I would definitely rate the service as 5/5. It was well organized The test questions were very relevant to the material provided.

Corey H., LVN May 24, '17

Recertified in ACLS

My experience was great, it was challenging as acls should be, but there was downloads and the course material for reference that helped so much.

Rolando H., DPM, AACFAS May 16, '17

Recertified in ACLS

Great experience, easy to navigate through. Excellent information and presentation.

Otis M., CRNA May 29, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I needed something quickly and Heartify was very convenient. I found the material to be very comprehensive while also being very concise. I would rate it 5/5. Thanks!

Rickey B., RN May 15, '17

Recertified in PALS. Certified in ACLS.

Overall I was very pleased with the course, it went brief and smoothly. I do feel that the course provided me with the information I needed. I would rate my experience as 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. (only because everyone has room for improvement). I also want you to know that I live and work in what is considered a “rural hospital” in Cordova, Alaska. Your course makes getting/renewing your requirements (ACLS; PALS) convenient and affordable. The local Fire Dept. offers BLS only and it is very costly to take a six hour Ferry ride or a 1 hour flight to Anchorage. Driving is not an option here.

Toni R., EMT-P May 9, '17

Recertified in PALS

My experience with Heartify was great! There was a Representative available every time I needed a question answered. It was easy to login in and pay for the course as well as taking it. All the information was very informative and clearly explained to help in passing the course. Thank you!

Ben M., MD May 8, '17

Certified in ACLS

I'm an internist that's been in private practice for 20 years and haven't had much practical experience running codes since residency. This course was great in that it provides the information needed, certainly to pass the test, but more importantly to stay up to date with the current practice of resuscitative medicine. Most of us don't and haven't used those drugs in many years. Thanks, great course.

Lillian C., RN April 25, '17

Recertified in ACLS

I am writing to let you know that I had a very good experience with Heartify. I feel the course provided the necessary information to complete the exam and was confident when it came time take it. I rate the my experience at 5/5 stars. The information was well worded, the algorithms were well designed, and the price was very reasonable.

Sandy M., MD April 25, '17

Recertified in ACLS

My experience was excellent. The course was concise and informative and gave me the knowledge I needed to complete the exam. Thanks for having such an awesome course!

Jaime L., PA-C April 20, '17

Certified in ACLS

Overall, the experience with Heartify was excellent! I have significant test anxiety and just took the online course before I was supposed to take the course in the classroom. You can not imagine the relief when I passed the test. I have already recommended this to my co-workers and residents that I work with. One of our residents had recommended it to me, and was I ever glad.

Gary F., MD April 19, '17

Recertified in BLS

I thought the course was clear and concise.

Angelica O., RN April 19, '17

Certified in ACLS

Heartify is easy to use and navigate. The material was presented well and I felt prepared and confident before taking the exam.

Hilda F., EMT April 14, '17

Recertified in BLS and ACLS

Worked great! I appreciated the option to go directly to the test, particularly as an EMT. Your site is very user-friendly, which I appreciated as well, after reviewing many other online courses.